First things first: I love science. I find the scientific process to be clear, elegant and wonderfully unpredictable.

But not everyone agrees with me. Many Americans have never received quality STEM education and others doubt the integrity of scientific institutions.

I aim to listen to and understand these groups, share their stories and find ways to talk about science that resonate with people of all backgrounds.

This means offering new lenses to look through, challenging assumptions and exploring the harmony and friction inherent when fields and ideas collide. It often involves viewing science through art, culture or religion; relaying compelling personal narratives; and using data while understanding its limitation and nuances.

My work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Desert Sun, the APA Monitor and numerous other outlets.


  • Master’s degree in science journalism from USC
  • Research experience in neuroscience
  • Several years in university communications
  • Expertise in the health and fitness industries
  • Winner of an Online Journalism Award for student work