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We conduct research on aspects of vision, cognition, and performance.  Many undergraduate and graduate students are involved in the research.  (You can see a list here: People in the lab.)  We are often searching for more people!  If you are an undergraduate it is most helpful (but not necessary) if you have taken some courses in experimental psychology or cognitive psychology (courses such as Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Sensation & Perception, and Experimental Psychology).  It is also a plus if you have some programming experience (we use a variety of different software systems; experience with the Python language would be useful at the moment!).  You can get a good sense of our current research interests by looking at some of the more recent papers on the page here: Selected Papers.


If you are a prospective graduate student we're interested in you too!  If you are interested, I encourage you to contact me (Richard Abrams) with any questions that you might have about the lab, our department, the university, or St. Louis!

Office Hours

(held in 323 Psychology Bldg.)

Spring 2019:
I'm away on sabbatical this semester.  Email me if you'd like to talk.


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